Where have all the MENTORS gone???

Throughout my 30-year hospitality career I could name numerous people who played roles in shaping my success and at least 5 that played major roles. At times it was informal feedback over coffee and often it was a scheduled weekly lunch or an informal one-on-one chat. These caring individuals took time out of their busy day to listen to my struggles both professionally and personally. They were happy to share the mistakes they made in their careers and life, so that I may improve and grow both professionally and personally.

Perhaps times have changed, however this concept has never left me as I moved through my career. After I started mentoring my first young person, I quickly understood why these leaders would claim that they enjoyed the process as much as I did. It always feels good to reach miles stones in both life and profession, I will tell you it feels even better when you can assist others in reaching their goals.

Mentoring is not only for the more mature, there is always someone struggling, just look behind you. Don’t limit the possible need to just your company, there are plenty of bright minds who would love to better understand some of life’s lessons.

It's well documented that we have a large gap between corporate America and the ever-growing Millennial Workforce. Corporate America labels them as lazy, noncommittal and short-sighted. If you actually spend some quality time getting to know many of these dynamic young individuals, you would quickly change your thought process. Perhaps a solid mentoring program can begin to close the gap. GB