With the constant evolution of offerings within Hotels and Restaurants, the focus for 2019 will be on, not just the offerings, but by whom the guests are receiving them from. For the past decade, the Hospitality Industry has adapted itself to the concept of Farm to Table offerings with trace-ability to local sourcing. This food revolution has very much been chef driven with focus directed on minimally processed, fresh foods. All in all, this is what the consuming public required to conform to their need for a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. The missing piece of this puzzle that was grossly overlooked during the food revolution is now represented with the lack of professional representation in the art of Hospitality. By definition, Hospitality is the procurement of the highest quality food and beverage in an atmosphere of heightened anticipation and deliverance by a group of professionals who create a memorable journey of generosity, entertainment and welcoming for the benefit of the guests. With this aspect in focus, the need for leadership who naturally emulate the core values of Hospitality is in great need. With these key players in place, guest retention improves dramatically with heightened brand recognition to follow.

Common place in today's procurement of qualified candidates for Hotels and Restaurants is to simple post an online advertisement with skill requirements as the bait. Where the cycle is broken in this process is the next step of determining the qualifications of a potential candidate. Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the form of a psychological assessment test is given to determine an applicants ability to assimilate to a companies culture in hopes of finding loyalty. This approach does have merit, however the algorithms used do not accurately decipher the human element of entertainment(Hospitality). Without the direct human interaction at this stage of the vetting process, many highly qualified Hospitality driven professionals fall through the cracks becoming martyrs of an over efficient procurement process. That being said, the next trend in hiring will be to vet for personality and soft skills in hopes to continually develop the existing skill set and provide growth opportunities by offering hard skill development.

So how do we retrain 20+years of a system that has been overly relied on for the recruitment of highly qualified Hospitality professionals? That question, as many questions towards the meaning of life, may go unanswered. However, a great place to begin this revolution is with the experts whom have devoted 30+ years to the relentless pursuit of perfection in the art of Hospitality. These “Hospitality Artists” are the mentors needed to revitalize the soon to be lost art of entertaining. Their whereabouts can only be determined by like-minded individuals not by algorithms or psychological assessments.

The partners at Trinity Hospitality Partners have devoted their entire professional careers to the endless pursuit of perfection in the art of Hospitality. It is with this extensive understanding of the art of entertainment, and how to best match an individuals personality strengths to a companies culture, that provide what assessment testing can’t. By promoting a human to human relationship throughout the entire vetting process, even past placement, is one of many core values we at Trinity Hospitality Partners promote that will keep the art of Hospitality alive and well.