HOSPITALITY People-Leadership-Professionalism

The Hospitality industry is like no other. It represents an ever changing format that relies solely on a product that is created at the minute for guests to enjoy. For other industry’s, the product produced will be created on an assembly line, months or years in advance, and simply lay in wait until the need is made. The biggest difference between the two is THE PEOPLE who are producing the produce or, in terms of Hospitality, the experience. It is for this sole reason that these providers of hospitality are in great demand and require recruitment from experienced Hospitality leaders. The role as a Hospitality Recruiter is vital towards the success of companies who want to provide a memorable experience for their guests.

It all begins with the PEOPLE. The meaning of the word Hospitality is arguably the most important characteristic trait a successful employee can possess. It entails many detailed definitions but it is quite simple to determine if someone is being hospitable. Hospitality, in its absolute purest form, is going out of ones way to provide a feeling of comfort and ease. It is recognized by a smile directed towards a guest as they enter a room or the simple remembrance of a birthday or anniversary. These are traits that are heavily sought after because they are found naturally in leaders.

One of the greatest character strengths of a true leader is recognition. With the ability to recognize events and outcomes prior to their happening, a true hospitality leader is capable of understanding the guest experience before they receive it. It also allows for the leader to formulate a game plan with their team to execute a seamless experience resulting in greater guest satisfaction and long term retention. One must note that leadership in hospitality does not have to be a monumental undertaking. It is represented in the most simplest of offerings such as picking up a dropped piece of silverware or replacing a folded napkin for a soiled one. It is with consistent leadership from highly sought after people that create a professional culture of enrichment.

Professionalism in the Hospitality industry is the true cornerstone to a teams success. It is the duty of the employee to embody the culture of the company they represent and make it their own. It does go beyond having a pressed uniform or fresh hair cut. It is a state of mind that, when properly displayed, will be seen through the correct posture, professional language used and the proper grammar shared with the guest. When professionalism is combined with the correct people who are natural born leaders it creates a formula that will strengthen a companies culture, profit margin and long term employee retention. These are the exact specifics that we look for when vetting our candidates for our clients and also represent a cumulation of decades of learning and loving the Hospitality Industry.